Boxing at SportMixz in The Hague


In boxing, we do a lot of work on the coordination of feet and hands. Boxers use their entire bodies in attacking and avoiding being hit. This makes boxing particularly suitable for the motorial development of children. Boxing can also function well as a complementary sport to football or hockey for example, thanks to the specific training programme at SportMindz.


Resilience and courage


Next to motorial development, boxing also has a beneficial effect on a child’s physical and mental resilience. Through boxing, children gain courage and self-confidence and learn endurance. Children learn to work together and take into account other children who are less strong, or indeed stronger. In this way, they learn self-control and to communicate their own boundaries, at the same time.


From age 8 to 16


At SportMindz, children age 8 to 16 train together. During lessons, we differentiate between beginners and advanced practitioners, so that each child is able to train at his or her own level. Mutual interconnection and respect are of utmost importance to us. Fellow pupils are partners in training; not opponents.


A free try out lesson at boxing The Hague


Would your child like to try boxing? He or she is very welcome to take part in a boxing lesson, free of charge and without obligation, or of course, to make acquaintance with the other sporting activities we organise for children.


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Clothing and materials


During training sessions, participants wear a SportMixz t-shirt and shorts. New members receive the t-shirt when they enrol. You will also need boxing gloves and possibly wrist bandages. These are available at any stockist, but you receive an attractive discount on all goods as member of SportMixz when you order online from


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Sportmixz is the youth programme of the Sportmindz Foundation