SportMixz for Sports Federations


In SportMixz’ exercise programme, the emphasis is on motor development and the development of mental resilience of children. In this way we lay a sound basis for children to join other sports federations at a later stage. Sportmixz’ programme is also a perfect complement to other training programmes, such as those offered by hockey or football clubs, for example.


Sport for Life


Our programme is based on the LTAD (Long Term Athlete Development) model, an international concept aimed at enabling lifelong sporting activity. Many international sports associations make use of this model in their youth programmes.


Benefits for the club

The objective of the SportMixz programme is clear:


• More fun

• Fewer injuries

• Greater stamina

• Better team spirit


You’ll notice the difference on the field!



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In order to safeguard SportMixz’ high standards, we collaborate with teachers and students of the HALO and the Haagse Hogeschool (Lecturate for a Healthy Lifestyle in a Stimulating Environment) ‘Gezonde Leefstijl in een Stimulerende Omgeving’.


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SportMixz (ages 4-8)


For participants aged 4 to 8, the sportMixz programme consists of Judo and Multimove, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, rugby and Sambo. The lessons are aimed at improving the motor development and mental resilience. SportMixz provides the teachers with the necessary materials for the lessons. Lessons take place on the field or in the sports association’s canteen.


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Play better by means of Boxing Practice


Surprise young players occasionally with a boxing practice given by a professional boxing trainer. Do this once a month instead of the regular football practice, for example, or during the winter break. Boxing is fun and improves your dexterity, coordination and condition as a football player. The boxing training takes place outside of the regular SportMixz programme, in one of our own locations, or in a location of your choice. For teams who wish to attend a boxing practice, we offer the possibility of a 10-ride ticket, with a tariff of just €5 per player, per practice.


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Sportmixz is the youth programme of the Sportmindz Foundation