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Fun and reciprocal connection. Developing important characteristics, like awareness, teamwork and determination.  Sport is far more than just a way of training the body, certainly for young children. At SportMixz ,  the focus is on the child, not the sport.


Our activities are particularly geared towards the development of a child’s motor skills and resilience. The youth programmes at SportMixz lay a basis for young children to learn to use their bodies in as broad and varied a way as possible. This promotes good health now, but also in the long term, because those who have become acquainted with sport at a young age often continue to practise sports in later life.


At SportMixz, we want to make sport easily accessible; participation is of primary importance, winning comes later.  For this reason, we offer sports programmes for children from age 4 to 16, irrespective of ability.



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Interested? Visit us! Alternatively, mail-us. Your child is very welcome to come and try a lesson, free of charge and obligation.


Sportmixz is the youth programme of the Sportmindz Foundation