Judo at SportMindz' in The Hague


Has your child not taken part in a sport before? Then judo is the ideal way to start improving his or her motor skills. You will see your child grow in strength and confidence and become less scared of physical contact with other children.


In the first instance, judo teaches children to fall and roll. This is a good start in a child’s future athletic development and decreases the chance of injury. Furthermore, judo has a positive influence on children’s social skills. They learn to work together, because they need each other to practise. In order for a child to learn how to ‘throw’ another child, the other child must allow him or herself to be ‘thrown’, and vice versa. In this way, children learn to help and respect each other.



More self-confidence


Furthermore, judo improves resilience and gives the child self-confidence. The effect of playing with balance, learning to fall, to roll, to wrestle, but also to train together, makes children physically, as well as mentally stronger. In the lessons for older children, themes such as endurance and determination put extra emphasis on the mental aspect.


Diversity of movement: Judo and MultiMove


In order to advance the motor skills of children even more, we combine our judo lessons with exercises and game formats taken from the Belgian exercise programme, MultiMove. This programme was developed by universities and sports federations for children between 3 and 8 years of age and aims to stimulate the basic motor skills in a way that is both pedagogically responsible and scientifically supported.


The twelve movement skills are central to this programme (see diagram).  Our youth trainer, Madeleine, was actually the first in Holland to successfully complete the course for trainer in MultiMove!


Exams and matches


Exams are held in the dojo on a regular basis. In addition, we also annually organise our own club championships and children from SportMindz are regularly invited to external tournaments, to take part in judo matches against other beginners. During these tournaments, children receive guidance from our own trainers, who all have a lot of experience in competitive judo at national, and some even international level.


Come and try out for free!


Your child is very welcome to take part in a judo lesson, free of charge and without obligation, or of course, to make acquaintance with the other sporting activities we organise for children.


Interested? Please mail us at: jeugd@Sportmindz.nl


Clothing and materials


All participants in judo are required to wear a judo suit (Gi) during training sessions, available at a variety of stockists. However, members of SportMindz receive an attractive discount on goods bought online at www.essimo.nl. For taking part in a free try out session, sweatpants and a long-sleeved t-shirt are adequate.


Would you like to know more about the discount and ordering procedure at Essimo? Please mail us at: jeugd@Sportmindz.nl







Sportmixz is the youth programme of the Sportmindz Foundation