Mission and Vision




SportMixz wants to give children a sound basis for an active, healthy and resilient life. The focus is not on the sport, but on the child. We are not looking for champions, but want each child to discover his or her strength. Pleasure, trust, confidence and respect are the foremost qualities needed in this process.




Physical inactivity is a big problem of today’s youth. Children spend most of their time sitting still and exercising too little, because our society doesn’t invite them to anymore. The result is that more children are gradually becoming overweight and suffer ill health at an increasingly young age; a worrying development. However, exercising at SportMindz is not a question of duty. Instead, we make sure that children discover pleasure in sport and exercise, through play. As their motor skills improve, children automatically become more active.



René Gude


SportMindz’ vision and mission are partly taken from the body of thought of our former National Philosopher, the late René Gude.


Gude stated that matters such as philosophy and science, religion, sport and art together form the foundation skill set of social intercourse. In this respect, taking part in sport is not only a physical practice, but also a mental one, teaching awareness, teamwork and determination. Sport stimulates the child’s internal development and improves self-esteem.



ADO day



Children exercise less and less. In order to counteract this trend, SportMindz, Holland Dance and ADO Den Haag in de Maatschappij organised a big SportMixz Day on 24 th June 2015 for 200 children from The Hague and vicinity, in the Kyocera Stadium. During the SportMixz Day on 24 th June, all 12 fundamental movement skills were addressed. To stimulate the motor development, exercises and game models were used, all taken from MultiMove, a scientifically substantiated programme with game models. The programme was developed by universities and sports associations in Belgium, for children aged between four and eight. This was the first time dance was associated with it.




Sportmixz is the youth programme of the Sportmindz Foundation