The SportMixz Teachers



Justin Voskuyl


SportMindz’ principle teacher, Judo and MultiMove, BJJ and Boxing

Justin (1992) graduated from the HALO in 2016. This qualifies him to teach Physical Education, or any similar fulfilment of his love for sport. At age five, he started Judo at Mulder Sport in The Hague. Since then, Justin is a black belt Judoka (1st Dan) and active in MMA, grappling and competitive Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He hopes to inspire children and be an added value in their motor development, by continuing to develop himself, as teacher and sportsman.



Madeleine Vogelzang


Judo and MultiMove, Competition Judo

Madeleine (1991) has successfully completed her first year of PABO and is currently following a degree in Educational Sciences at Leiden University. She started Judo at age seven, at Lu Gia Jen in The Hague. She practised Judo competitively from age nine, for ten years and is a black belt Judoka (1st Dan). She was the first in The Netherlands to follow the MultiMove training and is now a certified MultiMove teacher. Madeleine considers herself lucky to be able to pass on her enjoyment of, and experience in MultiMove and Judo, to children at SportMindz.


Remigio Leonora


Judo, Competition Judo

Remigio (1990) is a Medical student, has attained his black belt in Judo and has match experience at national level. In addition, he is an experienced football trainer. Remi has been involved with SportMixz from the very beginning. He teaches the English language lessons on Saturdays and coaches the children during matches.


Danny Kruithof


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Danny (1978) is a qualified Sport Masseur / Triggerpoint Coach and has a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He was six when he started Judo. In 1999, he came into contact with Aikido and a short time later, with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Since 2003, he teaches together with Mano Kok, in Rotterdam. Danny has been involved with SportMixz since the very beginning and he teaches children the basics of Jiu Jitsu. Danny also takes care of the parent-child lessons, in which parents and their children, make acquaintance with the different forms of play and rough and tumble, as well as practising the use of self-defence techniques.


Giovanni Spoormaker



Teaching runs in Giovanni’s (1968) blood. For years, he took care of football practices and boxing lessons. He himself has boxed competitively and currently boxes at the Haagse Directe. Boxing is his passion and he loves to communicate his enthousiasm to everyone receptive to it. With his experience and as father of four, there is no one more capable than Giovanni in making boxing fun and challenging for children.




All the teacher at SportMixz are in possession of a Verklaring Omtrent Gedrag (VOG), (translated as Testimony with Reference to Behaviour, the Dutch legal document which states that this person has a clean police record, with regard to the professional position which they are required to fill).





Sportmixz is the youth programme of the Sportmindz Foundation