The SportMixz programme for schools


It is important that school-going children between the ages of 4 and 8 learn to use their bodies in the broadest possible way. Only then can they develop the motor skills, which they will need later in their sporting lives. This, too is why SportMixz acquaints children with sports such as Judo and boxing.


Not least important is that children take part in sporting activities in a safe atmosphere. Competitiveness and being forced to do something are not part of SportMixz’ philosophy. In this way, the improvement of motor skills goes hand in hand with the stimulation of self-confidence and resilience. Consequently sport becomes fun and children start to exercise more, through play. The SportMixz programme is already successfully in operation at a number of educational institutions in and around The Hague.



Primary Education


Judo, Boxing and Self-defence

Also in cooperation with our partner, SkillsForKids, SportMindz offers Judo, boxing and self-defence in primary schools.  These lessons are sometimes part of after school care, but can also serve as substitute for a regular Physical Education lesson.


Our teachers are often students at the HALO, equipped with good educational and didactic skills and experienced in teaching children.


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Secondary and International education


Judo and Self Defence

For international schools in the Hague Sportmixz provides Judo lessons for pupils aged 4 to 8years old. We provide after school classes in self defence for pupils aged 12 to 16. In those classes they learn to defend themselves, using a number of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu techniques.


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Sportmixz is the youth programme of the Sportmindz Foundation